groceries630x250It might not be the easiest way in the world to shop for groceries, but I can’t help having my favorite healthy buys in different stores. I don’t necessarily go out of my way to get to these places every time I shop, but when I’m near one of these stores, I always try to load up on some of my favorite buys.

This is a work in progress and you are encouraged to contribute. Please contact us to send us your favorite healthy (and affordable) grocery buys in Pittsburgh.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle’s Nature’s Basket brand offers a very reasonably priced line of natural and organic foods. A few of the highlights are jars of organic baby food for only 57 cents (less than almost any non-organic brand), 6 packs of unsweetened organic apple sauce for $2 and 64 ounces of organic apple juice for only $2.65. I also love the varieties of organic salsa which costs around $2.50 for a large jar.


I get some of my non-perishable staples at Target. We buy Jiff Natural peanut butter with no hydrogenated oils for $2.24, and they also seem to have some of the best prices on natural granola bars. You can almost always find good healthy whole grain bread on sale for around $2, again with no artificial ingredients or trans fats. I also get all natural flavored rice for $1.12 a box and Annie’s bunnies for $2.39 a box. Target also has great prices on Earth Best baby cereal.


Aldi’s has great buys all around, and lately they seem to be adding more healthier foods to their stores. I buy big boxes of natural granola cereal for only $1.69 and also buy ripe green stem tomatoes that are free of pesticides for just $1.99 a bag. They almost alwasy seem to have the best prices on bananas, which I don’t feel the need to buy organic. The milk they sell comes from farmers who pledge not use use artificial growth hormones and gallons cost only $2.99.

Trader Joes

Trader Joes has great organic jam and jelly prices. A big jar of the  TJ brand is just 2.99. They also good prices on natural peanut butter, breads, and certain produce.

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