Wings are the essential bar food – and what better place to make the messy rounds than Pittsburgh’s South Side? If it’s wings you crave, you can really save with this variety of specials!

FatHeads (The Finicky Find)

1805 East Carson St
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203
Fatheads may be famous for their Headwiches, but did you know you can snag a deal on some great 40-cent wings there every Monday night? Not only can you mix and match flavors, but you have 13 flavors to choose from! Like it hot? We’ve witnessed flowing tears following consumption of the Volcano sauce.

Archies (The Price Buster)

2328 East Carson St.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203

Gone are the days when you could find 10-cent wing specials, but Pittsburgh does still have a few places that offer blast from the past prices. Archie’s has 15-cent wings every Monday through Thursday, and at 15 cents, these might just be the cheapest wings in the ‘Burgh! And for the beer drinkers out there, get this. If you go on a Thursday, you can get $1.50 Coronas and Blue Moon drafts for a buck!

OTB Bicycle Cafe (The “Save The Chickens” Special)

OTB Bicycle Cafe
2518 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203

If you’ve got a thing for our feathery friends, the chickens, but still hanker for the occasional buffalo wing treat, give Seitan wings a try. Seitan is a popular wing substitute to keep vegetarians happy, and the OTB Bicycle Cafe offers them up on Thursdays from 5-10 p.m. at 25 cents a pop. Thursdays also means $2 off all Oskar Blues beers at OTB. If you happen to make it between 5-7 p.m., you can also feast on appetizers that are priced half off, and enjoy other drink specials like $3 drafts and $2 well drinks.

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