You may or may not have to do some digging, but those searching out cool vintage and secondhand duds should head to Avalon Exchange on Forbes Avenue. For the biggest discounts, check out the half-off rack and hit up the $1 Sales, which usually take place in February and July. Also, if you’re more into making money than spending it, consider bringing in some of your own clothes to place on consignment. Avalon offers 30% of the item’s sale price in cash, or 45% in store credit. Those with little ones to outfit should check out A Child’s Wardrobe & ADULTS Too on Murray Avenue. They have a nice selection of trendy, up-to-date clothing and accessories, along with DVDs and more. Plus, they buy and sell adult clothing.

Avalon Exchange
5858 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

A Child’s Wardrobe & Adults Too
2200 Murray Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Taken from Living’s Adventure Blueprints in the Pittsburgh Magzine 2011 City Guide.

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